Nina Jacucci signs agreement with Fabulous Arts

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Nina_nyhetThe Swedish artist Nina Jacucci and Fabulous Arts today signed a cooperation agreement, meaning that Fabulous Arts has the right to reproduce Nina’s artwork on interior design items of various materials and designs.

We are so pleased that working with Nina is now formally settled, and we look forward to bringing new life to her art by spreading it in other forms. It is inspiring to work with an artist who creates such varying motifs, all having in common that they radiate warmth and “speak directly to the heart”. It will not be easy to select motifs for the first season – there are so many to choose from in Nina’s collections! We believe at least some of the selected ones will become real favorites.

This first season we produce details for homes and other environments in textiles and molded birch such as cushions, tote bags, poufs, roller blinds, trays and pallets.

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